UML diagrams for Jekyll and Markdown


Update: 2020-05-05: Although it was possible to embed plantuml diagrams into markdown. As of today this does not seem to work wiithout URL encoding the PlantUml content.

It is possible to embed UML diagrams into Jekyll or Markdorn pages using the Gravizo image generation service.

You don’t have to install any local Gems or plugins to embed such diagrams in your Jakyll pages.

Here are some sample UML diagrams:

Class diagram

![Alt text](
Object <|-- ArrayList;
Object : equals%28%29;
ArrayList : Object[] elementData;
ArrayList : size%28%29;

Alt text

Sequence diagram

![Alt text](
actor User;
participant "First Class" as A;
participant "Second Class" as B;
participant "Last Class" as C;
User -> A: DoWork;
activate A;
A -> B: Create Request;
activate B;
B -> C: DoWork;
activate C;
C --> B: WorkDone;
destroy C;
B --> A: Request Created;
deactivate B;
A --> User: Done;
deactivate A;

Alt text

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